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School Programs

We are currently approaching schools south-west of Brisbane to run a trial of our school program.


Stage 1 will involve ThE fUnKy MoNkEy PrOjEcT meeting with children from all age groups from child care and kindergarten to year 12 to get an understanding, from the horses mouth, on how they respond to what they see and hear regarding self-image, body-image, food, health, exercise and overall well-being.

Stage 2 we will develop the right material, information and presentation material to address the concerns and comments from the children.

Stage 3 we will line up schools to visit and roll out this program.  We need to hit the ground running and get the right message out there for children to build a strong foundation and belief in themselves so they survive this world and anything that get thrown at them.

What we teach and preach


Teaching children to understand their bodies, and why we all don't look the same.  To love and respect their bodies as this is the only one we have.  Children need to understand that no matter what people say, or what is in social media, that is for those people, and that they should choose who they are and make a mark on this world.  We are all individuals and there is no one else out there like us.


As part of our program, we will be teaching children the art of cooking, whilst teaching them the importance of eating a variety of foods, whilst also showing them how the most boring of food can be delicious - even for kids (winner, winner)

Be Active

Kids love to be active and have fun - our program show kids why active is good for the mind, body and soul (in kids speak - keep them happy).  We have lots of games and groovy moves which the kids can teach their friends and siblings.  We are all about having fun when it comes to being happy and healthy.

In 2019 we will be branching our venture out to educate parents, care-givers, teachers and anyone who cares for children in the art of identifying eating disorder related behaviour or body image issues.  We are trying to prevent children having to go through what so many people do.  Our bodies are beautiful - all shapes, size, colours and genders - no one should be ashamed of that, nor should anyone want to change it.

For Parents, Carers, Teachers etc.

Teaching kids the power of words and actions.  Be kind is what makes the world go round.  Making someone feel good about themselves, or just asking how someone is makes all the difference.  Showing children that if it would make you upset, then more than likely it will hurt someone else too.  The power of positivity and kindness.

Be Kind


Be active








Have fun


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