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It started out as eating healthy and walking a couple of times a week.  This then turned into exercising every day and eating a really restrictive diet.  Within 12 months I was eating less than 700 calories per day and exercising a minimum of twice a day.  As you can imagine my weight dropped and I should have been happy, but no.  For those who don’t know me, I am an over-achiever, slightly OCD and always go to the extreme - not a good mixture of traits to have in this circumstance.  In the first 6 months I lost 15kg, within 12 months I had lost 32kg and within 24 months I had lost 46kg.  At my lowest I weighed 43kg.


From personal experience I can tell you that your body does not cope well with low-calorie diets, nor does it function when you weigh so little.  Some people have petite physics; however, when you come from a family heritage of Maori’s and Hawaiian’s, your body is not meant to get that small.  Your organs start to shut down, your brain doesn’t function like it use to (foggy), your muscles become fatigued and start to deteriorate - the long and the short of it is that your entire body begins to shut down and is preparing to die (grim I know but that’s the truth).


15 years later I have a daughter and when she came to me saying 'My legs are fat', I nearly died.  From that moment I have made it my mission to make sure my daughter and no other child allows people, the media or social media to dictate how they look and feel about themselves.


Lets make a difference.


- Nicole xo -

Circa 1987












My Story

Growing up in a world where 'gorgeous' (aka 'skinny') women were on TV and in the magazines, I began to strive to be just like them.  I wanted the attention of boys, to be popular, have heaps of friends and to go to parties - just like they did.  It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I learnt that I was not like those women, that I was my own unique self, and that I needed to be my own person.  Don’t get me wrong, I tried everything physically possible to be like them; however, this was at the expense of my health, family, friends and later on my life.


Where did this all a kid growing up I had an awesome family, great friends and I did average at school and sports.  I was always bigger and taller than the other girls, and even the boys in some instances, but I was happy.  I got to high school and it all changed.  Girls were getting meaner, boys were becoming really shallow and what was in the magazines focused on ‘how to lose 10kg in 7 days’ or ‘how to have a Hollywood body’.  I became confused and attempted to block it and concentrate on school (ha who am I kidding) and my friends.


In my early twenties I decided to get ‘fit’.  At this point in my life I was 174cm tall and about 94kg.  I was a ‘big boned’ girl and was well proportioned so I didn’t look ‘over-weight’; however, according to my BMI I was over-weight. Any who...when I was 21 years old, this was going to be my year for change. I went to university, got married (then divorced at 27), bought a house, and decided to physically get in shape.


- love your body, it's the only one you have -


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