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About Us

ThE fUnKy MoNkEy PrOjEcT was created to teach people of all ages to love and respect their bodies to minimise and even prevent eating disorders and body image related issues.


Our society is driven by so many media outlets that it is hard for us to escape from the diet TV shows, advertisements about weight loss and news that continues to discuss the ever growing development of new fad diets.


So what can we do?


It is my aim to work with schools, community groups and anyone who will join me to share my experience and learnings from personally suffering with a variety of eating disorders and body image issues (particularly body dismorphia).  I have seen first-hand the impact it has on your health, well-being and those who love you, not to mention the long-term affects on your body.


It is my mission to help people, and most importantly to be at the prevention end to ensure that our children do not go through what I went through.


- Nicole xo -



ThE fUnKy MoNkEy PrOjEcT

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